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Our Early Years Staff

Teachers : Mrs Booth, Mrs Pickering and Mrs Newton

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Austin, Mrs Bradburne, Mrs Townroe and Mrs Hyman


PE day

Our PE day is Thursday so please make sure that your child has a PE kit in school. We will also do lots of outdoors PE activities throughout the week.



Reading at Home

Please hear your child read as often as you can. When you hear them read please write in their reading diary and don't forget to bring their reading book bag to school EVERY DAY!



'I can tree'

If your child does anything special or simply makes you happy or proud please write on a leaf and place it on our 'I can tree' in the Early Years entrance.


Summer Term 5 2017

Welcome to our EYFS page. Please use the link to find out important information about our activities this term. 

Early Explorers Newsletter Summer 5 2017

See our topic page for more information.


 Thank you and if you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to talk to any of our Early Years staff. 


Mrs N Pickering, Mrs A Booth & Mrs V Newton  


Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum Documents

EYFS Framework

Welcome to the Year One section of our school website.

We will update our pages regularly to keep you informed.

Please let us know if you find our website useful and also let us know what would be helpful to you.


Thank you for continuing to hear your child read at home. It is so important for children to read regularly in order to make the best possible progress. If you ever find your child reluctant to read please pop in and see us and we will try to help. Please can you always sign the reading diary and write a short, positive comment when you have heard your child read.

Reading Targets - Your child has a reading target they are working on. These are visual targets and are put into their reading diaries for your information.


Please try to find a few minutes each week to help your child learn their week's spellings. Success brings confidence, and we want all the children to feel confident enough to tackle the tricky words. Each group will be allocated their own 'spellings' day. Spellings will be checked on that day and new ones given out.


Our P.E.days are Monday orTuesday and Thursday during the Spring Term 4. Please ensure your child has a full P.E. kit in school. Also check that P.E. clothing is named. Thanks.


Our topic this Spring Term 3 term is 'Let's Have Fun'. Please see our topic page for more information.

Newsletter & Homework Information:

Happy New Year newsletter - Spring 3 2017      




Year 1 Curriculum Documents





Many Thanks

K Vickerman and A Cameron

Welcome to our Year 2 page!

Reading at Home

Just to remind you that ideally you should listen to your child read for 10 minutes most nights and record their progress in their reading diaries. This extra reading at home makes so much difference to your child's reading and really improves their reading skills. It's a case of a little (and often) goes a long way!


This year, whilst your child is in Year 2 each group will be given a list of between 6 and 10 spellings to learn for the following week. These will be given out and tested on a Monday. They will consist of words which contain the phoneme (sound) the children have been learning for that week.

After a week to learn and practise them,  they will then be tested in class, the following week. This is pretty similar to the spellings your child brought home last year, the only difference being that they will be tested in a whole class instead of a small group and there will be a wider breadth and variety of vocabulary that your child will be accessing and being taught.

I'm in no doubt the children will love the challenge of the new spellings and will be just brilliant spelling whizzes, throughout the year!

Below is a link to a fact sheet providing some really excellent tips and ideas for practising spellings with your child.

Spell a tricky word


P.E lessons for this first term in year two, will be every Monday and Tuesday. Please, if you can make sure that P.E kits are definitely in school on those days and with the cold weather on its way, we do ask if you could supply a pair of jogging trousers or something warm for the children to have on their legs.

Also, at some points during the term we are very lucky in that we will be having some trips down to Brimington Junior School for some gymnastic afternoons! This will be indoor and as far as we know, will be on Tuesdays. We will obviously remind you of this at a later date, as it approaches.


Homework books will be given out a little later in the term, as we feel we will give the children a few weeks to settle into the spelling and reading routines first. Tasks will be added in ready for the children to take home on a Thursday and then will be due-in the following Tuesday so there is time to mark the books and a new task be set. There will be a variety of tasks set and this will always be explained in the homework book.

We are trying to prepare the children for junior school, we will be quite strict with our deadlines, which is why we give the children a weekend to complete it. We thank you for your co-operation and help with this.


Our topic this term - Summer 5 is 'Rainforests'. Look on our Y2 topic page for further information.

 Summer 5 Y2 newsletter


Year 2 Curriculum Documents






I will be in Year 2 all day Monday-Thursday. Mrs Snidall is the main Year 2 Teaching Assistant and works every morning and some afternoons. On a Friday Mrs Booth will be in Year 2. Mrs Townroe and Mrs Bradburne also help in Year 2 with phonic and intervention groups. 

We are trying to create good habits for the juniors by you letting your children come in to class by themselves in the morning. It really does help your children to become more independent and take responsibility for their own belongings. However, please do come and see me if you ever have any concerns or questions, .

Thank you

Mrs Katie Dennis

Year 2 teacher


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