NamePositionCategoryEnd of OfficeOther Governing BodiesInterestsRelationships with Staff
Mrs K Fretwell Headteacher   Ongoing      
Mrs A Booth Staff    14/04/2019      
Mrs S Varnam Vice Chair Parent 13/01/2020 Headteacher at Halfway Infants (Sheffield) Headteacher at Halfway Infants (Sheffield)  
Mr R Mitchell Chair Co-Opted 13/01/2021 Brimington Junior School    
Ms L Hill Safeguarding Parent 08/07/2018      
Mr A Newton   Parent 14/04/2019     Husband of Mrs Newton (EYFS teacher)
Mrs S Snidall   Co-Opted 31/08/2019      
Mr S Yates   Co-Opted 31/08/2019   Brimington Parish Councillor; Painter & Decorator  


2016-2017 Attendance Record of Governors


Instrument of Government


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