School collective acts of worship take place every day. We base collective acts of worship on Christian principles with emphasis on social and moral themes as well as bible related stories. We also have 'Good News, Bad News' when the children look at what's happening in the wider world.

There is also a  regular achievement assembly each Friday. Children celebrate their birthdays and also can bring into school badges, certificates, trophies etc that they have achieved outside school. 'Writer of the week', 'Reader of the Week' and 'Star of the week' are celebrated here too. Our morning Nursery children attend some assemblies.

Children also collect stickers in school for a range of achievements from good work, behaviour or being particularly kind and helpful. When they have completed their chart they are awarded a 'Superstar' certificate.

We often have visitors to school who take assembly from various Christian denominations such as ministers or church groups as well as charitable organisations.

Each class shares their class work at our Class Assemblies. Parents / Guardians will be invited to their child's class assembly so they can learn, share and celebrate their child's work for that term. Specific dates will be sent home in our Newsletters.

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