Reading at Brimington Manor Infant & Nursery School

Reading happens all the time!

  • shared reading
  • guided reading
  • independent reading ( individually, in groups or pairs)
  • reading on screen
  • home / school reading
  • hearing books read aloud on a regular basis
  • reading in other subjects
  • children choosing their own choice of texts
  • reading connected to topic work

At Brimington Manor a range of strategies are used to support the teaching of reading and the extension of reading skills. Teachers use their professional judgements to adopt and adapt systems that best meet the needs of individuals identified by assessment.

Our Reading Scheme

Our core reading scheme is Oxford Reading Tree. This reading scheme makes learning to read fun, with stories that the children can relate to and want to read themselves. At the early stages stories focus on situations such as a visit to the fair, playing with toys, a wobbly tooth!

The stories are carefully written using simple language that children can understand. 'Key' words are repeated throughout the storybooks so that children gradually increase the number of words they can recognise and read.

We also use reading books from other schemes and our books are book banded into levels with children having a wide choice of books at their individual level.

Guided Reading

All children in all classes take part in guided reading. Children are grouped on their reading ability; they all have a copy of the same book which is chosen to match the group's reading level.

Before the session the teacher will have selected specific reading skills on which they will focus; this is determined by the needs of the children and assessment at previous sessions. The teacher leads the session, preparing the children for reading, reinforcing reading strategies and giving focussed attention to individuals as they read the text independently. The aim of every guided reading sessions is to encourage and extend independent reading skills.

Our Phonics  - 'Letters and Sounds'

Phonics is using the sounds that letters make and blending them in order from left to right so they make a word you can say. Children are taught to analyse sounds within words - sounds at the beginning, in the middle and the end. This can be tricky at first.

We have daily phonic sessions in all our classes. In Year 1 & Year 2 children are placed in small groups according to their level of ability. In Reception children start with 'Big Cat' phonics and then move onto differentiated smaller groups.

Children also learn High Frequency Words as stated in the English National Curriculum. These are an essential set of words that children need to learn inorder to tackle even the simplest books. Some are 'tricky' words with irregular spellings. By learning these High Frequency words as soon as possible children can gain pace and accuracy in their reading.

Please find below curriculum documents that you may find useful.

EYFS Framework

Year 1 Curriculum

Year 1 Vocabulary & Grammar

Year 1 Spelling Appendix

Year 2 Curriculum

Year 2 Vocabulary & Grammar

Year 2 Spelling Appendix

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