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We are situated approximately 2 miles north of Chesterfield town centre. The school admits children between the age of 3 and 7 with the admission limit in nursery being 26 and in school being 30.

The school was built in 1877 with the Nursery constructed partially new and partially from the original building in 1991.

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Our Staff

The staff comprise of a Head teacher plus six teaching staff, five teaching assistant support staff, four mid day supervisors and one school administrator.

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26 Nursery places  ( 13 morning / 13 afternoon)

Priority for places in nursery schools should be given to children as follows :-

  • Four year olds and then three year olds
  • Who are on the Child Protection Register
  • Who are – or are likely to be – the subject of a statement of special educational needs.
  • Whose families are suffering sever social and psychological stress that could significantly affect the child’s achievement.
  • From the school’s "normal area"
  • From the wider area served by the school; in the first instance to children with a sibling link within school already.
  • Finally to take children from out of catchment but closest to the school by road

Please note that parents have no automatic right to a nursery place in their "normal area" school. Parents should not be allocated places in more than one school for any individual child.

All children are offered 5 sessions of 3 hours per week for a minimum of 2 terms where possible. Requests for morning and afternoon places are taken into account when places are allocated and where there are places are available. 

Since September 2013 we have an Early Years Foundation Stage unit for our Reception & Nursery children. From February 2014 there are 26 Reception children and 13 Nursery children at each session. These children are taught by 2 teachers and 2 teaching assistants; this gives a very good adult / child ratio of 1 to 10.


All children born between 1st September  to 31st August will start school in the September prior to them being 5 years old.

All parents/ guardians have to apply for a Reception place in our school. 'How to apply for a Reception Place' details are issued by Derbyshire County Council during October ( for starting school the following September). School will post out leaflets to parents / guardians  with details of how to apply. Derbyshire County Council encourage applications to be completed online; however applications can be completed by telephone or by application form. Applications can take place from mid November with the closing date for applications being usually mid January.

It is important therefore if you would like a Reception place at our school (and your child is not in our Nursery) that you visit or telephone school so that we can complete an initial interest form with your child's name, date of birth, address and telephone number. We can then send you application details in the October.

When issuing places DCC give priority firstly to children who have learning disabilities and / or physical or sensory impairment and whose special needs can best be met in the school. These children will be given priority where so determined by the authority in consultation with the governing body. Priority will then be given to children living in the catchment area. Thirdly to children out of catchment area but with siblings in school already. Finally places will be allocated  to children out of catchment where a space is available.

If you do live out of catchment area do not let this stop you from applying for a place at our school. Many of our children do come from out of the catchment area!

If a place is not available parents also have a right to appeal to the local education authority.

To see all of our policies, please click here to go to our Polices and Forms page

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