About Us

We are situated approximately 2 miles north of Chesterfield town centre. The school admits children between the age of 3 and 7 with the admission limit in nursery being 26 and in school being 30.

The school was built in 1877 with the Nursery constructed partially new and partially from the original building in 1991.

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Our Staff

The staff comprise of a Head teacher plus six teaching staff, five teaching assistant support staff, four mid day supervisors and one school administrator.

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School dinners are available, these are cooked at Arkwright Primary School and brought in daily.

ALL CHILDREN are entitled to a FREE SCHOOL LUNCH and we encourage all children to have a school lunch. This is part of a government initiative and it is a saving of up to £400 for parents!

If you need to register for a free school meal please see either the Head teacher or the School Clerk for the necessary form. Your information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

We have a FAMILY DINING service for school dinners. All school dinner children sit down to lunch together and dinner is served at the table. This has proved a very successful initiative with more children taking school dinners, children eating more of their school dinner and a much calmer dinner service. Children's eating habits and table etiquette has much improved. We have 2 sittings at lunchtime.

Why not visit the DCC 'My School Lunch' website? There you will find School lunch menus, games to play and lots more! There are also links to other websites.

To see all of our policies, please click here to go to our Polices and Forms page

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