About Us

We are situated approximately 2 miles north of Chesterfield town centre. The school admits children between the age of 3 and 7 with the admission limit in nursery being 26 and in school being 30.

The school was built in 1877 with the Nursery constructed partially new and partially from the original building in 1991.

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Our Staff

The staff comprise of a Head teacher plus six teaching staff, five teaching assistant support staff, four mid day supervisors and one school administrator.

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If your child has a minor accident or starts to feel ill we are normally able to deal with it. However, if it is rather more serious or if your child becomes too ill to remain at school we need accurate contact information.

It is of vital importance that we have your up-to-date home and work details so that in the event of an emergency you could be contacted immediately.

Please also provide us with the name and number of a friend, neighbour or relative who could come to school to collect your child if they were taken ill. If your child requires hospital treatment we will deal with this as a priority and contact you as soon as we can.

Please keep us informed straight away about changes to contact numbers or changes to family situations, we will of course treat any personal information as confidential.

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