About Us

We are situated approximately 2 miles north of Chesterfield town centre. The school admits children between the age of 3 and 7 with the admission limit in nursery being 26 and in school being 30.

The school was built in 1877 with the Nursery constructed partially new and partially from the original building in 1991.

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Our Staff

The staff comprise of a Head teacher plus six teaching staff, five teaching assistant support staff, four mid day supervisors and one school administrator.

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Children should only be absent from school through personal illness. In the event of an absence, please telephone the school on the first day of absence or send a verbal message via another parent. On the child's return please send a letter explaining the reason for their absence from school.

The Health Protection Agency 'Guidance on Infection Control in Schools' with the recommended periods for children to be kept away from school for a range of illnesses can be found in 'Useful Links' on this website.

If you wish to request an absence in order to take a holiday it must be done using an official holiday form. In line with Government legislation absence will only be granted by the Headteacher in ' exceptional circumstances'. As a school we would discourage all term time holidays, as it has a detrimental effect upon your child's education.

If no explanation for an absence is forth coming procedures may be enforced and the Education Welfare Officer informed.

If holidays are taken in term time without authorisation then school will inform DCC who will issue penalty notices.

If we are not informed about reasons for absence on the first day we have first day response procedures.

To see all of our policies, please click here to go to our Polices and Forms page

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